How To Buy Bitcoins Using a Credit Card

Buy Bitcoins With a Credit Card

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card
Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

The Bitcoin market is a young, but rapidly growing ecosystem. As of yet, you cannot go down to your local store and buy Bitcoins they way you would a can of soda. Buying Bitcoins with a credit card is even more challenging, but it can be done.

One method of doing so would be to search the website looking for a seller – either in your local area or online – who will accept a credit card payment.

Another method is to buy Bitcoins on ebay and use a credit card – either directly if accepted or through paypal – to make the payment for purchase.

A third and final method to buy Bitcoin using a credit card it to go to your bank, get a cash advance on the credit card, and use the proceeds to buy Bitcoins. You could use a service such as the one provided by to buy the Bitcoins you desire using the proceeds of the cash advance obtained from the credit card. However, the interest rate on cash advances on most credit cards is very steep, and this method will be the most expensive.